Binders and hydrolyzed flours

food ingredients

All the benefits of cereals in your products.


Belourthe produces a complete range of reliable and safe cereal ingredients with a wide number of applications in the food industry.
Our bases can bring nutritional advantages to numerous food products, as they preserve all the components of the cereals (proteins, fibers, minerals).
Thanks to constant research and our high technological capability, Belourthe can develop any types of binders and hydrolyzed flours with any types of cereals.

Our R&D Department can also help you with the formulation of your products, and we can develop tailor made ingredients.


food ingredients

Pre-gelatinized flours from wheat, rice or whole oat substitute your existing binders (starch, for example) by a 100 % natural and healthy ingredient, with the advantage of a clean labeling (no E number).
With their unique functional properties, they provide an optimal taste, texture and firmness. They help maintain structural consistency and deliver an appealing appearance. They provide excellent water absorption during manufacturing and cooking.
Our binders are suitable for vegetarian products. We can supply products with different levels of viscosity and develop tailor made pre-gelatinized flours.

Main applications:


Hydrolyzed flours

food ingredients

Belourthe has a specific hydrolyzing line that is able to hydrolyze flours at different dextrose equivalent (from 5 to 45 DE). Some specific enzymes cut the starch in certain conditions, to produce glucose, maltose, maltotriose, …
The production of mono and disaccharides gives naturally a nice sweet taste and is interesting to replace all or part of the sucrose in many formulations.
The cereals containing more than 70% of hydrolyzed flours have very low viscosity. There is no impact on the structure and the appearance of the finished product.

Main applications:


Ours cereals bases

  • Applications

    Baby foods, dairy products, chocolate drinks, soya milk, juices, sports drinks, breakfast cereals, biscuits, cakes, cookies, cereal bars
    (Dextrose equivalent - on finished products)
    Rice 103/503 Partially hydrolyzed rice flour 10 - 14
    Rice 104/504 Partially hydrolyzed rice flour 22 - 26
    Rice 8504 Partially hydrolyzed rice flour Organic cereals 22 - 26
    Rice 110/510 Partially hydrolyzed rice flour, corn flour 28 - 30
    Wheat 154/554 Partially hydrolyzed wheat flour 15 - 18
    Oat 204 Partially hydrolyzed whole oat flour 28 - 34
    8 Cereals 628 Partially hydrolyzed wheat flour, rice flour, corn flour, oat flour, barley flour, rye flour, millet flour, buckwheat flour, vitamin C. 19 - 23
    3 Cereals 8605 Partially hydrolyzed wheat flour, rice flour, oat flour, vitamin B1Organic cereals 20 - 24
  • Applications

    Baby food, sauces, béchamel, soupes, instant meals, instant flours
    Binder Rice 111/511 Rice flour
    Binder Wheat 157 Wheat flour
    Oat Flakes 203 Whole oat flour
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