Cereals supplements


Healthy nutrition at all life stages

Thanks to our strong capabilities in Research and Development and our association with nutrition experts, we developed a full range of healthy cereal supplements. They were scientifically designed to cover special nutrition needs of different age groups and different health conditions. Besides the nutritive aspect, we worked hard on the organoleptic qualities of these products, providing users who look for nutritional supplementation with a pleasant taste experience.
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Helping diabetics living a better life

In collaboration with diabetes specialists from the University of Li├Ęge, Belourthe developed cereals specially formulated for people with diabetes. Its low GI ensures lower absorption of sugars and starches. It helps preventing after-meal increase of blood glucose level.


pregnantFeeding mothers for healthier babies

We formulated a nutritional supplement specially designed to fulfill the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women, for themselves and for their developing fetus or growing infant. With specific extra-nutrients are required during these important moments of their life.


kid Special cereals for the need of growing kids

Yammm... made with Belgian chocolate and containing 38 vital nutrients, these cereals provide a complete and balanced formula for the needs of growing children from 3 years onwards.


senior Best nutrition for middle aged and seniors

Our formulation for middle aged and senior persons contains 36 vital nutrients and helps in overall health improvement.

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