State of the art cereals processing

Belourthe’s high-quality cereals are produced in a state of the art manufacturing complex, including rapid mixing and drying equipment and fully automated packaging. Consumer safety and full compliance with the European norms are our priorities.

The following is a summary of the main industrial processes handled in our plant.

  • hydrolysis

    Hydrolysis makes the cereals more digestible and sweeter

    Belourthe is one of the only independent factories in the world with the capability of delivering production-scale hydrolyzed cereals. This process enables to optimize the organoleptical qualities of the product, facilitates the digestion and adds natural sweetness (obtaining sweet cereals without addition of sugar).


  • wet mixing

    Large number of possibilities

    We run three preparation lines: premix, wet mix, heat treatment. Continuous mixing with high performance and constant quality. Capability of mixing huge number of raw materials:

      • Cereals
      • Sugar
      • Fat
      • Milk products
      • Honey
      • Fruits syrups
      • Cocoa
      • ...

    Gluten free products are mixed and processed in a separate production line, avoiding allergenic contamination.

  • The core of our production process

    Different types of drying (performed on 9 roller driers) and the capability of performing different Maillard reactions allow us to achieve different products textures and very particular tastes.

    drying1 drying2 roller dryer

  • dry mix

    Customization of your product made possible

    Three continuous dry mix lines (6 tons/hour per line) are capable of adding innumerous ingredients to the cereals:

    • milk powder
    • vitamins
    • minerals
    • fruits
    • vegetables
    • fibers
    • DHA
    • flavours
    • ...
  • Large diversity of pack formats

    Our packaging lines provide a great diversity of formats (from 10g individual portions for sampling, to 1 ton bags for industrial customers).

    pack 1  pack2 pack3

    • 1 can lines 99 mm (225/min)
    • 1 can line 127 mm (80/min)
    • 2 double head bag-in-box lines (88/min)
    • 1 Sachet line (100/min)
    • 1 big bag filling line
    • 1 bag line (10 to 25kg bags)

    In the bag-in-box and in the sachet line it’s possible to perform gassing of the products for a longer shelf-life.

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