Research & Development

Need your own cereal formulation?
Belourthe is your ideal partner!

R&D 2Thanks to our very reactive Research & Development team, Belourthe can deliver products matching specific formulations requested by our clients.
We can orient and cooperate with clients in the development of new products, or even products made to compete with similar ones already present in the market.
We can develop specific baby food formulations and enrich them with vitamins, minerals, fibers and DHA. 
That is to say: working with Belourthe you can have your own world class cereal products, with superior quality and able to compete with the market leaders anywhere in the globe.
Our R&D team works directly with your team, from the start of the elaboration of the product specifications to the industrial trials phase.

Our R&D works in straight collaboration with European and Belgian institutions for the development of several projects.

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